Fun with cowardly anonymous comments, or, how I disempower women

I just got an anonymous comment over at Lusty Lady saying:

Rachel, I think you’re just propping up the sleazy straight guy fantasy. By promoting female bisexuality, that’s what you’re effectively doing. Female bisexuality for the purpose of male appeasement is actually dis-empowering to women. I note that you don’t seem to promote male bisexuality or the women who like male bisexuality. Why’s that?

What’s funny is…I have no idea who this person is (very likely a “sleazy straight guy”). But, okay – I’m a bisexual woman, so, um, it might make sense that my work focuses on women, though not all of it does. But I also have written about “Dirty Bisexuals” (including men) and boobisexuals (which I broadened to include gay men). I know I don’t have the platform of The Village Voice anymore, but trust me, I dig bi guys. I just think it’s interesting how the first place someone goes is on attack. I would say more but I don’t think anonymous comments simply meant to provoke are really worth it. What do you think?

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3 Responses to “Fun with cowardly anonymous comments, or, how I disempower women”

  1. funkybrownchick Says:

    Hmmm … You asked, “What do you think?” Two thoughts/quotes come to mind …

    1. We see the world not as it is, but was we are. So, possibly, this anonymous person sees the world as a place where bisexuality exists only to please men. Instead of exploring that thought a bit further, they simply point the finger at you and project. Seeeeee, YOU’RE the one “propping up the sleazy straight guy fantasy.” It’s that person’s issue. Not yours.

    2. We want other people to feel the same way we feel inside. If you’re all about doing your thing and pursuing your passion, you feel inspired by others that are doing just that. If you *aren’t* going after what you want in life, you’ll spend your time leaving nasty comments on the websites of the people who are.

    That’s my $0.02. But, hey, what do I know? I’m just a chick with a blog. 😉

  2. alison tyler Says:

    If I give my 2 cents, then we have 4 cents, and we can buy—um, nothing.

    But here it is—regardless of the issue, anonymous comments grate on my nerves. What the fuck, right? Either stand up for your opinion and take what comes, or shut the fuck up.


  3. litboy Says:

    I think that for your next Dirty Girls party, you should prop up a cardboard cutout of a sleazy straight guy and charge admission to throw a slice of boob cake at it, then donate the proceeds to a battered women’s shelter. And tip the clean-up person. That should make everyone happy!

    –Bill Brent

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